The New Generation of Solar Installation is Here!

As time has gone on, solar installations have become more and more unique, from flat roof installs, to the solar flower. But now, solar has left the ground and roofs its so intimately familiar with and become a part of buildings themselves. Building Integrated Photovoltaics are a unique solar install that allows solar producing materials to be built right into your new construction or upgrade. The most common type are solar windows, which are panels of glass thin enough to see through, but are also connected to power grids in order to collect solar power. While they don’t collect as much as a typical panel with higher cell density, a large amount of them on one building can produce high amounts of power, maybe even more than a typical solar array could (though this depends on space). It is also possible to install solar roofing tiles directly onto the roof of a given building as well, a process Tesla has become known for over the years.