Incentivize clean driving with EV Chargers for your Business!

Over the course of the last decade, hybrid and fully electric vehicles are ever increasing in popularity as people seek more environmentally friendly ways to get to their destinations. As a business owner conscious about the environment, there’s no better way to carry out this philosophy AND reward like-minded customers than to install EV chargers! EV Chargers are perfect for these types of businesses:

What Businesses are the Best fit for EV Chargers?

  • Hotels: EV Chargers can be places in designated areas of your parking lots and marketed as an amenity. This is very useful for hotels in “halfway point” areas, where people will stop by for a night on a long drive, or in hotels in destinations where driving is a prime way to get around.
  • Gas Stations:
  • Auto Shops: Install an EV charger and charge your customer’s car while its being serviced for other reasons. They’ll be sure to love the gesture!
  • Event Venues: Destinations where people are likely to drive long distances to and then leave their cars parked for prolonged amounts of time are a great fit for an EV charger install. Combine with solar for best power efficiency!
  • Businesses that Use EVs: While using EVs to enhance the consumer experience is a great thing, they are also a necessity if you want your business fleet to run on clean energy. Large scale charger installations are perfect for any company running multiple delivery vehicles.

EV Charger Brands

Alongside Tesla, JuiceBox and ChargePoint are two of the most prominent names in commercial EV charging. JuiceBox offers a high level of connectivity among its chargers through its JuiceBox enterprise software, making it the perfect choice for business owners with multiple locations. ChargePoint has a wide variety of charger types, from wall mounted units, to single units which can connect multiple cars, and future proofed units that charge at lightning fast speeds.

Integrating EV Chargers and Solar

Utilizing energy from solar panels is a common method of generating the high amount of power needed to charge EVs. In fact, most large scale EV charger installs are built in tandem with carports. Carports are a type of solar canopy specifically designed to cover parking spaces while also providing solar power. Carports built with EV chargers cover the same parking spaces that the chargers are set up at, and provide power directly to the chargers, allowing them to operate while drawing as little power from the grid as possible.

Reap the Additional Benefits: Commercial EV Charger Incentives

In some areas, EV charger adoption is incentivized by providing benefits to those who install them. Rochester County offers rebates of up to $2,000 for installations of public Level 2 chargers for clients in specific fields (hospitals, universities, etc). NYSERDA also offers rebates for installations at public parking facilities, workplaces, and multi-unit housing through the Charge Ready NY program.