The sun delivers more energy to Earth in an hour than we use in an entire year. Solar panels harness that into usable energy for your home at a lower cost than the utility. Your friends and neighbors install solar because it makes sense in the short and long term. Why wouldn’t you make the switch when:

• Solar increases the value of your home
• Solar is more sustainable for the environment
• Federal, State and Local incentives can cover more than half the cost

Solar makes sense while the incentives like Net-Metering and Tax Credits are available, but they won’t always be! New York State’s Public Service Commission has already put the replacement for Net-Metering into place for 2020 and the Federal Investment Credit is staged to drop next year as well. Now is the time to act on the opportunity to help your planet, your home, your family and your wallet!

Solanta works with the utility company, the department of buildings and the manufacturers to bring Solar as a service to home and business owners. All our installations are NYSERDA and NABCEP certified and come with a standard workmanship warranty to protect your rooftop and home. We often use innovative installation methods like Tilt-Rack’s, Carports and Canopies to install modules from some of the top manufacturers like Panasonic, LG, Canadian Solar, Solaria, SunPower. Our flexibility in design helps us to ensure we maximize both your total savings and your solar energy production.