Bring some peace of mind home with residential security!

With every passing year, security cameras are becoming smarter and more connected. Gone are the days of clunky CCTV systems with tons of proprietary hardware. Now, you can run a full security stack with nothing but cameras, a single hub, and mobile apps. It has truly never been easier to watch over and protect your home.

Security Systems from Trusted Brands and New Players

As the smart security market expands, it is only natural that a wide variety of brands have taken a foothold in the market. Some of these, such as Panasonic, are trusted brands with a long history. There are also newer companies who prove their worth with top of the line products, like Dahua and SimpliSafe. Each product has its own value and special features, though smart security systems tend to have a few common selling points.

Why Choose Smart Security?

  • Cloud Connection: Smart security systems maintain a WiFi connection, usually through a central hub. This allows for real time remote monitoring from any phone, computer, or tablet, and allows the system to send users notifications when the cameras notice something. Cloud connectivity also allows for real time monitoring on many systems, so you can keep a close eye on what matters most.
  • Higher Quality: Older CCTV security systems were notorious for grainy image quality. With the improvement in camera technology and video streaming, you can be sure that all footage will be clearly visible and easy to interpret.
  • Ease of Use: Once your system is installed and your account is set up with the brand you chose, you’re all set to go! The system will do all of the work for you, informing you when something looks wrong so you can then review footage and take action.