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A Solar-Savings Story from Solanta

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Dear Readers,

My name is Lam Nguyen. I am one of the people from team Solanta. First, I want to thank you for checking out our blog. Second, I hope you have a fantastic Holiday Season with your family and friends. 

2021 has been an eventful year. Covid-19 is still looming worldwide, and we are in a unique place where nothing seems to be certain. However, if we look deeper, nothing in life is ever certain. What we can do is take action, one at a time and move forward. At Solanta, we can experience the impact of Covid-19 on our mission of converting New York City homes and businesses with Solar Energy. While some of our projects are slowed down by supply chain difficulties and other COVID-19 related obstacles, we move forward despite the difficulties to serve our customers.

I want to share the story of one of our customers to bring some light and cheer to you at the end of the year. I have a delightful opportunity to speak with Rupert and Kim. They were introduced to Solanta this year, and they were pleased with our service. At the beginning of our conversation, I learned that they welcomed their second child into the family—what a joyous moment in life. 

We started talking about how they decided to go for Solar Energy. Rupert said: “We moved into our new home in 2016. When we moved here, we noticed how our energy bill spiked up from $200 to around $500-$600 a month during the summer. In our home, we use our basement for AirBnB, and we have a SmartVent system installed there. That also caused our bill to go higher as well. As we looked into different options to reduce our bill, a solar energy installation came up.” We thought, “Why are we paying a company when we can make our energy?” Then we decided to go Solar. It was the right decision to make. It was the right choice for the environment, and the incentives make sense.”

I got curious about how they picked Solanta as their contractor from many solar installation companies. Rupert said: “We had a man named Joe knocking on our door when we were doing our research. He talked to us and said he used to work for a solar company. Joe decided to work independently, and he chose to work with Solanta. He shared with us about the work that Solanta did throughout Brooklyn. After the conversation, it was at that point that we decided that we trusted Joe and Solanta, and we wanted to move forward. We also talked to Dean, and we liked it when he explained everything as we were deciding.” 

I then asked them: “What works and what doesn’t work for you as a customer throughout the whole process?” Rupert started sharing: “It was pretty easy. Once we signed the agreements, we started waiting to install. There was a slight change in our original plan. Solanta communicated to us that they have a supply chain issue. So we ended up with more powerful panels than we originally planned. We were happy with having fewer panels and getting more power.”

Kim said: “It was pretty fast. Once everything was clear, things started moving quickly.

She then took a moment and shared that she thought we could improve our communication with our customers. I acknowledged that we are a small business, and sometimes our communication is not always as smooth as we want it to be. 

Another difficulty that they encountered was filling out the loan form. It wasn’t easy to understand everything about the loan as this is a considerable investment. It took Rupert and Kim a few times to figure it out. Rupert said: “One thing that I experienced during this process was signing the agreements before even knowing what it was going to look like for us. It was weird. However, it was great that Dean walked us through, and we finally got there. We were happy and surprised to speak to the owner of the company. We thought it was a perk working with a small company, and it was a great personal touch.”

As we started wrapping up our conversation, I asked them: “How can we improve as a company from your perspective?” Rupert shared: “From my research, your social media presence is not a lot. We found your Instagram page, and we saw a couple of pictures here and there. If we see more photos, it could help us decide quicker. And Lam, what you are doing right now is a nice thing. Talking to people, getting their real story.”

I was moved. I told Rupert: “That is exactly what I am up to, making Solanta personal and having people connect with us.” We then ended our conversation with goodbyes and wished each other a great Holiday Season.

Here is one of our victories over the past year that I would like to share. I wish you a great Holiday season. We are around. Please reach out if you would like to connect with us about Solar Energy. We are here for you.

Thank You

Team Solanta

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