Hello! We are Solanta, a solar and smart home project development company based in Brooklyn, New York, servicing the NY area. From tailor made solar panel installations to interconnected home automation systems, our home improvements are smart as can be. These improvements are a great choice, as they can help save you money, save the environment, and connect your home to make your life easier. Solanta has you covered for all of your smart home improvement needs.

Residential and Commercial Solar

Solanta has built its business around its core offerings of residential and commercial solar installations. The sun delivers more energy to Earth in one hour than we use in an entire year. Solar panels harness that power into usable energy for your home at a lower cost than your local utility company. Solanta helps home and business owners reap all of the benefits of solar, from high savings on electric bills, to savings on the cost of installation through tax credits and incentives, as well as through the benefits of solar-as-a-service leasing and power purchase agreements.

With new developments in mounting technology, solar is becoming easier to install onto any type of roof. While many companies won’t take the jobs, Solanta revels in the challenge of installing to flat roofs. With tilt kits, we can optimally angle your system toward the sun to generate as much power as possible. With solar canopies, we can build your system over top of any obstructions, while remaining within fire code. Our custom builds alongside our variety of payment options makes Solanta the right choice for many NYC home and business owners.

Smart Home Automation

Through the Internet of Things connecting all sorts of smart products together, Solanta is able to create home automation systems that can make your life better and easier! Through a smart home hub or voice controller, you are able to affect multiple devices in your home with a single tap or command. Control everything, from your lights, to your thermostat, to your speaker, without having to touch any of those devices! Monitor all angles of your home with security systems you can view through an app. Combine settings into “scenes” so you can activate multiple options at a time. Many smart home devices can even function without any command, running automatically based on a schedule, or on factors such as the outside temperature. Save yourself time, effort, and maybe even some energy costs with a smart home package from Solanta!

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to look into our services. Please schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experts! If you would like to learn more about our offerings, select “Solanta Services” when booking to schedule a remote call where one of our experts can tell you more about us. If you schedule a solar consultation, please have your electric bill ready! You will meet with one of our representatives to go over your energy needs, have your questions answered, and see if your home qualifies!