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Starting the New Year with Solar Energy

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Dear Readers.

My name is Lam Nguyen. Today I have another story about one of our customers here at Solanta, whom we completed her job this January. 

Jaleelah knew about us through Mario Volpi. Mario is a sales representative extraordinaire. Within a short period coming on board at Solanta, I can already ready tell Mario is tentative, values his customers, and is passionate about Solar Energy. Jaleelah’s family has been working with Mario for over five years. Jaleehlah came to Mario when she decided that it was time to switch to Solar Energy. With his suggestion, she chose to work with Solanta. She shared with me: “Mario has been working with our family and our business for years. He did five projects with us, and there will be many more. So when he mentioned Solanta, there’s no doubt they will take care of me. I picked Solanta because I trust him.”

Jaleelah was confident with her decision. She said: “It’s the right decision. This will help me cut down the cost of energy. Since I am a property manager, I’ve been sharing this with my clients. The lower cost of electricity will help my clients in a better position.” 

To have this deal go smoothly, we had a lot of thanks to one of our team members, William Kane. He is our Director of Operation. Throughout the entire process, he helped Jaleelah every step of the way. She has many good words regarding Will. Jaleelah shared with me: “My experience with Solanta is very similar with Mario. It is very professional. I love Will. He is very attentive, and he walks me through every step of the process. I love his ability to be flexible.”

When I asked Jaleelah about anything we could do to serve our future customers better, she said: “ This is a hard, tough answer. And believe me, I am not trying to sound nice at all. I was delighted with the service. The timing, the response rate, and everything were great. It is tough for me to say. After the installation, the crew cleaned after themselves too. The site was cleaned. There was next to no evidence that somebody was there. I am happy.”

I thanked Jaleelah at the end. I wished her a great New Year ahead. I want to share this victory story at the beginning of the year. Our Staffs at Solanta are ready to grow and serve our community.

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