Our sales staff have been trained to provide you with in-depth consultations about your home and energy usage over the internet with video chat and screen sharing. Our site assessors can take the needed measurements from outside, while providing simple instructions on the photos they need from inside your home. Our design, engineering, and interconnection teams are working remotely to continue processing your projects. Our installers can complete 80 to 90% of your installation without setting foot in your home. The remaining electrical work can be performed at your comfort and convenience by an electrician who has been recently tested. Our team is working remotely, but you can still contact us at PM@solanta.com or 833-Solanta (833-765-2682).

During this strange time, we understand that many of you are scared. We know, because we are too. Our families and friends are scared as well, we are all susceptible to this virus, and everyone needs to take the proper precautions. We have always made a point to take Personal Protective Equipment seriously, but this has come to take on a new meaning in recent weeks. Masks and gloves have become our new normal as we strive to keep our collective family safe. It has become our number one priority to provide this for both you and our teams as we continue our mission, and we are taking precautions at every step of our processes:

We have found this to be a difficult time for many, and so we are offering an incentive to any new customers: we will pay for SIX MONTHS of FREE electricity once your solar energy system is installed. Schedule a remote consultation to learn more today: