We are Solanta, a smart home and solar power project development company. With managing partners who have over 25 years combined experience, unique methods of installation, and financing for qualified clients, Solanta can truly handle smart home projects of any size and challenge. We schedule consultations to learn more about your goals, so we can design a system that will meet them and make you’re satisfied with your choice.

Home improvements are only as smart as the contractor you choose to work with. Solanta is NYC’s choice for smarter home improvements for good reason. From designing your system and filing permits, to installing the equipment and servicing your warranties, Solanta helps you bring home amazing smart home products such as solar, security, and home automation!

Solanta’s solutions are uniquely designed to add value into any home. We use solar canopies allow for solar installation on flat roofs, so we can bring the energy independence of solar to more homes than ever before. Our smart home products give you power over your home and routines, with security systems to deliver safety and peace of mind, Electric Vehicle chargers to help you power a new wave of clean transportation, and energy storage systems to help shift peak loads and provide power during emergencies.

By offering products through monthly service plans and low interest financing options, as well as accepting cash and credit cards, Solanta has plenty of options to put you in full control of your home. With government programs like federal investment tax credit or net-metering lessening or disappearing, this may be the last chance you get to take full advantage of solar benefits and join the clean energy revolution like your friends and neighbors.

Give us an opportunity to show you the value our projects will bring to your home by scheduling an in-home consultation:

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