Incentivized by the City, New Yorkers Save THOUSANDS of Dollars on Solar

New York City is one of the best places to install solar, when you consider all the incentives that are available. Homeowners in NYC can install solar with no upfront expense and save on the cost of electricity thanks to the Federal Income Tax Credit.

In addition, NYS has it’s own Income Tax Credit, and NYC residents are eligible to save another 30% of the cost to install solar through a Solar Electric Generating Systems Property Tax Abatement that is divided evenly over a 4 year period!

Bringing Solar to the Boroughs

Solar adoption continues to speed up in NYC as more options for installing solar beyond traditional shingle mounts are released. NYC contains a wide variety of roof types that solar installations have grown to match. Our Tilt Kits and Canopies are great for placing solar on flat roofs, creating more energy in less space. We have clamps that attach directly to the standing seams of metal roofs, and for clay and slate rooftops, we have a tile shaped mount that attaches to the roof joists and re-seals the roof. All of our installations come with a premium workmanship warranty to protect your home from leaks and damage.

Making Solar Work in Brooklyn

From Williamsburg to East New York and back to Bay Ridge, every part of Brooklyn can benefit from Solar Energy. Our installations can be tailored for the requirements of Landmark Preservation Commission on historic homes in downtown. By building around and over obstructions like chimneys, HVAC equipment, skylights, and roof hatches, Solanta is able to produce more power in less space for the city’s most populous borough.

Solar is the New King of Queens

The largest and most diverse borough, Queens has the widest array of homes and roof types. Beyond the shingled roofs in Bellerose, Queens Village, Jamaica, and Laurelton that have been installed on, Solanta’s Tilt Kits and Canopies help us get more power from some of the smaller flat roofs in Astoria, Ridgewood, and Woodhaven, and our tile shaped mounts are great for the classic spanish tile roofs of areas like Forest Hills, Auburndale and Cambria Heights.

The Bronx is Burning with Solar

The Bronx features stark contrast between neighborhoods like Kingsbridge, Morris Park, Pelham Gardens, and Hunts Point. Much like the culture, Solanta is diverse enough to meet the needs of the many home types and challenges that arise. Even in areas like Fordham Heights, Soundview, Williamsbridge, and Unionport with tight lots, our innovative solutions help the homeowners we work with achieve maximum energy independence.

Staten Island Saves with Solar

Staten Island has long been a home for solar. The borough’s large pitched roofs were some of the first in the city to be approached when solar became mainstream. Now more than ever, innovative solutions like Reverse Tilt Kits, the Solar Roof Jack, and Unirac’s Roof Integrated Solar solution, have continued to expand the market by allowing us to build more solar in less space and address attached homes and smaller roofs that were overlooked in the past.

Solar Made for Manhattan

Even skyrises and large apartment buildings can install solar! There are less residential properties in Manhattan, but we maximize the tight space every time by building custom solar arrays. In multi-family buildings, we can divide the solar up to feed multiple electrical meters, and for apartment buildings with many units, we can install a master solar meter to feed all of the tenants clean energy from the solar installation! Talk to your landlord about solar to see how you can both benefit.

Solanta and New York City

New York City is our home, for years our consultants have been helping your friends, family, and neighbors install solar on their homes. Who better to help you understand the process than a company you know you can trust? Solanta continues to be New York City’s choice for smart home contracting, with hundreds of projects in the works across the city. If you want to see the solar savings that thousands of New Yorkers are taking advantage of now, schedule a consultation below to learn more.