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2020: A Time for Change

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Are You Having that “New Year, New Me” Feeling?

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The Climate is Changing, So Should We.

In light of recent climate catastrophes, people are beginning to acknowledge their individual ‘carbon footprint’ — that is, a measurement of the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that is emitted by the processes and activities a person conducts throughout their day. There are tools online to help you calculate your own carbon footprint, but did you ever think about your home’s carbon footprint? A standard household in New York emits .86 metric tons of CO2 in roughly a year when they buy their electricity from a standard provider, say ConEd. (This number was calculated using the typical electricity usage of a home in NYS at a factor of .4759 kgCO2e/kWh.) With solar, you can offset those carbon emissions with electricity that is harvested by the sun, a green and renewable energy resource. Switching to solar is an attainable and affordable way to decrease your carbon footprint and feel good about contributing to the green economy.

Why Should We Care?

On Saturday, January 4th, temperatures in parts of Australia reached 48.9 degrees Celsius, close to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Those kinds of temperatures are intolerable to the human body. The bushfires are spreading and devastating the habitats of millions of animals. 480 million animals are already dead, 25,000 of which are individuals belonging to the iconic koala family. For animals and people alike, homes are being destroyed. All of this devastation, and we are only halfway through the 2019-20 bushfire season. Some would argue that this year’s fire season is one of the worst ever experienced and people are pointing to climate change. Climate change, itself, implies increasing temperatures, droughts, and extreme weather phenomenon such as stronger bushfires. In addition to the continental fires, we see flooding in Indonesia and three earthquakes in Puerto Rico last week. 2020 is shaping up to be the year of climate imbalance, the scales are tipping and it is time to act. So what can we do?

Photo Credits: NY Times

Take Action!

Switch to solar today to share in the effort to save money, save power, and save the planet!

Click below to donate to the Australian fire relief efforts:

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