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Introducing the New Solanta Website!

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The Solanta Website

If you’re reading this, then the brand new Solanta website has been launched! We’ve been hard at work to create a best in class website that reflects our position as a top solar project development company in the New York area. We may be a fairly new company, though we’re backed by managers with combined experience of over 25 years in the solar industry. We can handle smart home projects of any size and challenge with our expertise and unique methods of installation. With our website launched, we now have a platform for potential solar and smart home customers to learn about us as a company, as well as the products and services we provide, and even to schedule consultations from just about anywhere on our site!


Upon opening the site, you are greeted by the beautiful layout created by Mink Ink Design, featuring photos of installations that we could do for you one day! All of our special install types, like canopies and tilt arrays, are present, so you can see what each looks like before proceeding. One of the first things you’ll see on the page is the “Schedule a consultation Now!” button, allowing you to go right into a conversation with one of our solar experts in the most efficient way possible, saving time for both you and us. Under this is a set of panels describing our services in what we call ‘The Three S’s: Solar, Security, and Smart Home. This section gives a quick descriptor of each service, which you can find more details on in pages found through the menu buttons at the top of the site. Following this is the breakdown of the process you’ll go through once you chose Solanta for your smart home project, from site assessment to satisfaction! Lastly, you can see a record of all the great work Solanta’s team has done, proof of our status as a top tier choice.

Navigating the Website

The Solanta Menu Bar!

Our menus are separated into 3 main sections: For Your Home, For Your Business, and Why Solanta. For Your Home describes technology available for the home such as home solar, home security, and other smart home tech. For Your Business describes the products we offer with the realms of solar, security, and smart technology for businesses. Why Solanta outlines our company’s history, from founding to our projects themselves. This section also houses our contact information and this very blog! While the section is not yet fully populated, expect to see new pages pop up often! Our goal for the site is for it to become the center of the user experience, a hub where one can learn about all aspects of smart home technology.

What’s Next?

While the Solanta website is already in a good place, it can only go up from here! Firstly, this blog will be updated monthly, bringing educational content around solar and smart home tech directly to you, alongside updates regarding the Solanta brand. Next, we are working to update the site regularly, filling in all the existing menu items and adding many more pages of content which will inform users and guide their decision making regarding solar and smart home tech. Please keep your eyes on this site as new content rolls out! We appreciate your visit, and we hope that you or a friend join the clean energy revolution with Solanta soon!

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